This exciting collaboration between Norwegian and Swedish musicians has existed since 2011, performing concerts with raving reviews in Oslo, Kongsberg, Bergen, Stockholm and elsewhere.

“… a super quartet!” - Svein Magnus FuruJazznytt.

“Honeyleap is a breath of fresh air in jazz …” - Roald Helgheim, Dagsavisen


Fredrik Ljungkvist: saxophones, clarinets (Sweden - Atomic, Yun Kan 5 & 10, Parish, LSB, Paavo)

Klas Nevrin: piano, zither (Sweden - Yun Kan 5 & 10, Klas Nevrin Trio & Ensemble, Casual Intimacy).

Per Zanussi: bass (Norway - Zanussi 5, Trespass Trio, Crimetime Orchestra)

Øyvind Skarbø: drums (Norway - Bly de Blyant/Hilmar Jensen, 1982, Håkon Kornstad, BMX). 


CD “Honeyleap” (Øyvind Jazzforum ØJF0313)

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A short sample (2 min 30 sec) of the CD, with excerpts from 3 songs:

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“What improvisations! Fredrik Ljungkvist shows on both the sax and clarinet why so many of us regard him as one of the very finest. Not only is Nevrin the perfect co-partner and opponent, but he’s also a unique and fabulous soloist. As is Per Zanussi, which of course comes as no surprise. Moreover, with Øyvind Skarbø he produces an accompaniment that both comments the soloists and indulges in a perfectly unrestrained swing!” – Tor Dalaker Lund, Kongsberg.

“The musicians trust each other, a quality that is surely essential when ingrained structures are replaced with intuition, demanding a clear sense of form and direction. Ljungkvist is, like always, indispensable with his creativity and incisiveness. But I also enjoy when Nevrin sounds a bit like Cecil Taylor, and when Zanussi and Skarbø play just on the border between jazz and free jazz, without simply submitting to a school. … Many musicians who attempt to emulate American free jazz of the 60′s play surprisingly similar. Honeyleap does not follow that tendency. Most obviously, they mix in unusual elements, like when Klas Nevrin plays lyrically in the middle of everything. The group’s interesting dynamic often relies on Nevrin contrasting against Zanussi and Skarbø, like two cogwheels spinning together but at different speeds.” Johannes Cornell, Dagens Nyheter.

“The compositions work mostly as a springboard to stretch out into the unknown. Ljungkvist was already the brightest star in my personal jazz heaven, but after tonight Nevrin has written himself in there as well. His complete control of the piano, treating any dissonance  with the greatest control and calculation, times (as in YunKan 10) perfectly with Ljungkvist’s energy and harmonic control. Skarbø comments with complete lack of impulse control, which provides some enjoyable moments, and some that disrupts the musical progression quite pronouncedly. Perhaps that is also the point. Per Zanussi supplies a firm anchor and invaluable link between the Sunnmøre madness and the Swedish energetic finesse, resulting in two very strong sets from a super quartet!” – Svein Magnus Furu, Jazznytt.

“Honeyleap is a breath of fresh air in jazz, with musicians that are not lost in melancholy and music that never stands still! There is a rapport between the musicians, resulting in original songs.. moving between hard swing and minimalist expression” - Roald Helgheim, Dagsavisen

“The album is brimming with modern European swing, the group frosting its melodicism with a tart insouciance.” - The New York Jazz Record

“Honeyleap is not afraid of the unknown, nor of that which is known. This is their first recording, by all means let there be more!” – Leif Carlsson, Lira.


Live at Bergen Jazzforum (Norway), February 2013


Live at Glenn Miller Café (Stockholm, Sweden), February 2013